Cattle sales are held every Thursday starting at 9:00 AM with fed cattle followed by baby calves, stock cows, feeder cattle, market bulls and cows.

Our drive-thru unloading chute is open every Wednesday to receive cattle until 10:00 PM and open again Thursday morning at 6:00 AM.

Special stock cow and feeder sales as announced.

To consign your cattle or for an on the farm visit give us a call!

Sales Barn: 319-656-2222
Devin Mullet: 319-936-0675


Wildfire Relief Benefit was held
Thursday, April 20th

Thank you 
Jason Kane and Tyler Vavricek for your complete donation of the steer in the roll over auction. Thank you Carol Horning, Megan Coakley and Merv Hershberger for your tremendous efforts in helping to organize this sale. The steer was re-bid a total of 66 times with $20,092.30 of relief for Kansas wildfire victims.
The first load of supplies has been delivered to Coldwater Kansas.
It was great to see so many come together.
We thank you all!

AMC Farms Inc., Megan Coakley – Wayland
Bill Knutson – Kalona
Bill Weber – Kinross
Bob Walker – Stockton
Brian & John Greazel – Iowa City
Burns Angus, Pat, Kris, Joe & Kati Burns – Oxford
Carnel Farms, Craig & Nelson Miller – Riverside
Conklin Ag & Animal Products, Simon Weaver – Kalona
Dave Simon – Riverside
Dean Miller – Kalona
Devon & Tom Schrock – Washington
Donne Wagner – Muscatine
Donovan Bender – Wellman
Drew Hochstetler – Wellman
Farmer’s Supply – Kalona
Florence Family Livestock
Gary Snakenberg – Sigourney
Green Grove Farms – Kalona
Jacob Adrian – Harper
Jake Ropp – Kalona
Jarrod & Carol Horning – Wellman
Jason Kane – Deep River

Jeff & Ashley Greazel – Atalissa
Jessica Hochstedler Yoder – Lepic Kroeger Realtors – Wellman
Jim Sieren – Keota
John Coakley – Washington
John Dale Gingerich – Kalona
Kalona Sales Barn, Inc.
Kalona Sales Barn Lunchroom Ladies
Kevin Grimm – Keswick
Larry Schrock – Kalona
Leonard Grieser – Wayland
Leslie W. Miller – Kalona
Loren Bohnsack – Blue Grass
Lyle Hochstedler – Kalona
Marcus & Karsten Yoder – Wellman
Martz Brothers – Blue Grass
Merv Hershberger – Riverside
Michael & Brian Kane – Lake Park
Mid-West Bio-Ag, Firman Hershberger – Kalona
Mike Stumpf & Sons – Hills
Nelson Anderson Livestock Ltd. – Lockridge
Pavelka Point Meats, Bill Ellison & Lois Pavelka – Mt. Vernon
Perry L. Miller – Kalona
Ray Brown – Wellman
Rex Miller – Wellman
Richard Whitney – Taylor Ridge
Rob Bush – Washington
Rochelle Mullet – Kalona
Sandy Acres, Wayne Johnson – Farley
Schlapkohl Vet Services – Kalona
Scott Boedeker – Lowden
Scott Leathers – Ollie
Scott Schaufbach – Williamsburg
Sedlacek Brothers – Iowa City
Sid Roland – Wellman
Sterling Schweitzer – Wellman
Stransky Family, Edith, Terry, Abby & Ryan Knepp – Wellman
Sweeting Family Cattle – Riverside
Tobias Yoder – Kalona
Tom Middlekoop – Batavia
Tyler Vavricek – Center Point

Walker Sale Barn – Walker
Walt Campbell – Wayland
Washington County Cattlemen, Curt Pacha
Wellman Mennonite Church – Wellman
WRMJ Radio – Aledo