Special Cattle Sale
Thursday, March 22nd:

Early Consignment:

Donohoe: Black SimAngus Breeding Bull. Coming 2 Year Old. Son of Uno Mas. Calving Ease Bull. 

Portwood: 6 Black First Calf Heifers. Bred to an Angus Bull. Start Calving any time. 

Sweeting: 70 Black & Red Steers & Heifers 500-650# LTW. Two Rounds Shots. 

Jeff Fischer & Family: 55 Black & BWF Steers & Heifers 600-750# Green Tagged.

Wood: 40 Angus Steers & Heifers 400-750# Green Tagged.

Borntrager: 22 Black Steers & Heifers 500-550# Green Tagged. 

Thompson: 21 Mixed Steers & Heifers 300-550# Green Tag Shots. Weaned 3 Weeks. Full Feed. 

Griebat: 10 Mostly Black Steers & Heifers 400-450# Green Tagged.

Owens: 10 Mostly Black Steers & Heifers 500# Green Tagged.

Greiner: 9 Black Angus, Sim, Limousin cross Steers & Heifers 500-600#

Preston: 7 Black Steers & Heifers 500# Green Tagged. 


Weekly Cattle sales are held every Thursday starting at 9:00 AM with fed cattle followed by baby calves, stock cows, feeder cattle, market bulls and cows.

Our drive-thru unloading chute is open every Wednesday to receive cattle until 10:00 PM and open again Thursday morning at 6:00 AM.

Special Bred Cow and Feeder Cattle Sales as Announced.

To consign your cattle or for an on the farm visit give us a call!

Kalona Sales Barn: 319-656-2222
Devin Mullet: 319-936-0675