Weekly Cattle Sale
Thursday, March 30th:

Early Consignment:

25 Holstein Steers 550-650# Weaned at Six Weeks of Age, at that time they were Banded and Dehorned. They’ve had Two Rounds of Pyramid 5. On a TMR Ration Full Feed.


Special Cattle Sale
Thursday, April 20th

Cattle sales are held every Thursday starting at 9:00 AM with fed cattle followed by baby calves, stock cows, feeder cattle, market bulls and cows.

Our drive-thru unloading chute is open every Wednesday to receive cattle until 10:00 PM and open again Thursday morning at 6:00 AM.

Special stock cow and feeder sales as announced.

To consign your cattle or for an on the farm visit give us a call!

Sales Barn: 319-656-2222
Devin Mullet: 319-936-0675