Draft Horses, Carriages & Antiques

Fall Draft Horse & Carriage Sale
Monday & Tuesday
October 16th & 17th, 2017

Catalog Deadline: Monday, September 25th

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Early Consignments:

German Light Driving Harness. 

10 New Ash Tongues.

Horse-Drawn Rock Island Manure Spreader.

New Idea Pull Type Corn Picker. Model 324. 2 Row wide. Good shape. Stored inside. 

Sleigh made by the Northwestern Manufacturing Co., of Fort Atkinson WI. Stored inside. Sleigh body is in excellent condition. 

Bobsled. Good condition.

Roberts Six Passenger Wagonette. Good condition. Has always been stored inside. 

Draft size Roberts Express Carriage. Great condition. Has always been garaged. Wider seat, with battery mount under seat. Has a small, but very noticeable rear strobe light for safety.

Draft Horse Wagon with drop down steps and bench seating. Has tow tongue and team tongue, both trees. Excellent condition.

Brush Beater. Known as the “iron goat” and made by the Shubert Sprout Mower Co., Richland, MO. Needs some repair.

Cataloged Horses:


Team Belgian Geldings: “Carl” 9 Years Old. “Jim” 10 Years Old. Blonde, Long Tails. Broke to all farm machinery.

Belgian Gelding: “Max” Red Sorrel, Long Tail. 7 Years Old. Broke to all farm machinery. A good and willing worker. 

Belgian Stallion: Sorrel, White Mane & Tail. 3 Years Old. Halter Broke. 

Belgian Gelding: “Pat” Blonde, Blaze, White Mane & Tail. 14 Years Old. Amish broke. Broke for anybody. Selling because he lost his mate. 

Belgian Gelding: Blonde. 5 Years Old. 17.3 HH. Broke to all farm machinery. 

Belgian Gelding: Roan. 3 Years Old. Worked on an Amish farm for the last year. Gentle. Catch him anywhere. 

Belgian Filly: Blonde, White Mane & Tail. Foaled: 4/3/17. Pullingbred. Sire: S66637 by CD Rex, going back to CD Rock Supreme. Bonnies Bell, going back to King Farceur. 

Belgian Stud Colt: Red Sorrel. Yearling. 

Pair Belgian Mare & Gelding: Red Blonde. 2 Years Old. Should mature to 17.2 HH. Started in harness.

Team Belgian Mare & Gelding: “Alice” Sorrel. Smooth Mouth. “Chub” Sorrel, Stripe. Smooth Mouth. Well broke. 

Team Belgian Mares: Red Sorrel, White Mane & Tail. 15 Years Old. 16.2 HH. Broke & Quiet. Exposed to a Belgian Stallion.


Percheron Stud Colt: Black. Foaled: 3/17/17. Sired by Jansen Farms Overtime by Rocket All Star Flash. Will be a big horse. 

Percheron Filly: Black, Star. Foaled: 3/27/17. Sired by Jansen Farms Doc by Pleasantview King. Nice, stocky filly.

Percheron Stud Colt: Black, Star. Foaled: 5/11/17. Sired by Jansen Farms Doc by Pleasantview King. Stocky colt. 

Percheron Gelding: Black. Yearling. Sire: Sparrows Richmond. 

Percheron Filly: Black. Yearling. Sire: Sparrows Richmond.

Team Percheron Mares: Grey. 5 & 12 Years Old. 16.2 HH. Mother-daughter team. Broke. All around boys team. In foal to Sparrows Richmond. 

Percheron Filly: Black. 18 Months Old. Broke to lead.

Percheron Filly: Black. 18 Months Old. Broke to lead. 

Pair of Percheron Geldings: Black. 7 & 9 Years Old. 1/2 Brothers. Born and worked on an Amish farm. Very gentle. Easy to handle. Will do a lot of work.

Percheron Gelding: “Ted” Black. 12 Years Old. 19 HH. A good work horse. Gentle and quiet.

Percheron Stud Colt: Black. Yearling.

Percheron Stud Colt: Black. Yearling. 

Percheron Stud Colt: Black. Yearling. 

Percheron Stud Colt: Grey. Yearling.

Team Registered Percheron Mares: Black. 18 Years Old. Broke to anything and everything. 


Belgian Standardbred cross Gelding: “Bill” Red Sorrel, Blaze, Long Tail. Coming 3 Year Old. A good and willing worker. 

Belgian Standardbred cross Gelding: Black. 2 Years Old. Green broke.

Norwegian Fjord Gelding: “Ben” 2 Years Old. Halter broke. Very friendly and gentle. Matched pair with “Casey” below.

Norwegian Fjord cross Mare: “Casey” 2 Years Old. Halter broke. Gentle and friendly. Matched pair with “Ben” above.

Norwegian Fjord cross Mare: “Cassie” 2 Years Old. Halter broke. Gentle and friendly.

Team Haflinger Morgan cross Mares: Grey. 4 & 5 Years Old. Full Sisters. Broke. Gentle. 

Spotted Stud Colt: Bay & White Spot. Yearling. Out of Paint Mare and Spotted Draft Stallion. Full Sister below. 

Spotted Filly: Bay & White Spot. Weanling. Full Brother above. 

Spotted Mare: Bay Roan. 8 Years Old. Bred to Black and White Spotted Draft Stallion. Broke to ride. Quiet and Gentle. Excellent Broodmare. Dam to Stud Colt and Filly above. 

Team Spotted Mares: Black & White Spot. 17 Years Old. Broke to drive.

3/4 Percheron 1/4 Morgan Stud Colt: Black, Star. Foaled: 5/9/17. Sired by Jansen Farms Doc by Pleasantview King. 

Percheron Standardbred cross Filly: Yearling. 

Spotted Filly: 18 Months Old. Sire is a Friesian. Dam is a Black & White Spot.

Percheron cross Filly: Brown. 2 Years Old. 

Team Percheron Paint cross Mares: “Kate” 5 Years Old. “Kit” 6 Years Old. Black, Star. Well matched team. 1/2 Sisters. Broke to all farm machinery. Been on the same farm all of their life. Nice, handy team. Open. 


Haflinger Gelding: “Mack” Blonde, Full Face Strip, White Mane & Tail. 6 Years Old. 58.” Broke to ride. Drives single and double. Mostly driven single. 

Team Haflinger Geldings: Blonde, White Mane & Tail. 8 & 9 Years Old. 1/2 Brothers. Broke. Left hand horse is broke to ride. 

Haflinger Gelding: Blonde, Blaze. 3 Years Old. 15 HH. Blocky, stout. 

Haflinger Gelding: Blonde. 3 Years Old. 14 HH. 

Driving Horses:

Standardbred Filly: Bay. Yearling. 

Saddlebred Gelding: Sorrel. 6 Years Old. Broke to the buggy. Get up and go. 

Standardbred cross Mare: 12 Years Old. 16 HH. Broke. Grandpa horse.

Saddle Horses & Ponies:

Quarter Horse Gelding: Black. 10 Years Old. 14.3 HH. Super broke. Kid broke. 

Team Paint Quarter Pony Geldings: 15 & 16 Years Old. 13.2 HH. Full Brothers. Well matched. Rusty works the right, he is blind in his left eye. Dusty works the left. They are broke to ride single and double. They are broke to drive single and double. Very fit and hard working team.

Pony Mare: Black. 3 Years Old. 52.” Would make a good school pony.

Pony Gelding: Dapple Chestnut. 6 Years Old. 44.” Broke to ride and drive. 

Welsh Pony Gelding: Sorrel. 6 Years Old. Good broke to ride. Used as a lesson pony. 

Team Paint Geldings: Sorrel & White Paint. 8 & 9 Years Old. 1/2 Brothers. Used on the wagon to feed cows. Traffic safe. Nice and quiet team. 

Team Quarter Horse Mare & Gelding: Bay. 13 Years Old. 15 HH. 1150#. Broke to ride and drive. Nice to be around. Catch, harness, hitch, shoe & trailer. Pulled the bobsled with church group singing Christmas carols. Have been on several wagon drives and parades. Traffic broke. Have done some field work, hauled manure. Work on rubber or steel wheels. On the same farm since they were 2 Years Old. Nice team. 


The Spring and Fall Draft Horse and Carriage Sale is held twice each year. This is a two day sale, offering a wide variety of: Draft Horses, Crossbreds, Saddle Horses, Ponies, Carriages, Buggies, Sleighs, Tack, Antiques and Farm Equipment. Sellers and Buyers from all over the U.S. and Canada are present.

2017 Sale Dates:
Spring: April 10th & 11th

Fall: October 16th & 17th

Monday Schedule:
9:00 AM – Horse-Drawn Machinery & Equipment, Antiques, Tack & Miscellaneous
10:00 AM – Harness & Collars
1:00 PM – Carriages, Wagons & Buggies
7:00 PM – Horse Pull & Demonstration – held in the horse arena

Tuesday Schedule:
9:00 AM – Selling cataloged Belgians, Percherons, Pulling Horses, Spotted Drafts, Haflingers, Clydesdales, crossbreds, Standardbreds & light driving horses, followed by uncataloged Draft Horses