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5th Annual Kalona Spring
Driving Horse Sale

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Kalona Standardbred Yearling Sale
Monday, September 24th, 2018

Kalona Fall Driving Horse Sale
Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Monthly Horse & Tack Sale
First Monday of the Month

Next Monthly Horse & Tack Sale
Monday, April 2nd, 2018

Monthly Horse and Tack sales are held every first Monday of the month. Tack starting at 8:30 AM in the East Ring, Outside Equipment at 9:00 AM in the Front Lot and Horses at 11:00 AM in the West Ring.

Tack and Equipment Check in:
Monday Starting at 6:30 AM

Horse Check in:
Sunday 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Monday starting at 5:00 AM

All horses require a current negative coggins test. This should be presented to the check in office at time of check in. No faxes and no copies. Federal lab on site where testing can be done at $30.00 per riding horse and $15.00 per unrepresented horse. All riding and lead in horses must sell with a halter and lead rope to go with the buyer.


5th Annual Kalona
Spring Driving Horse Sale

Tuesday, March 27th

Driving: 8:00 AM
Horse Sale: 10:00 AM

Download Sale Catalog HERE!

Cataloged Horses:

Lot 1: Speci Men 0MN39. Sire: Muscle Mass. Dam: Allison Hall by Garland Lobell. Gelding Foaled: 4/5/14. 16.1 HH. Buggy broke. Clean, young gelding. Very safe. Family type. 

Lot 2: Last Tango 0M675. Sire: Tom Cango. Dam: Spider Woman by Armbro Scorpion. Gelding Foaled: 5/10/14. 16.1 HH. Powerful driver. Started in the buggy. Class act in harness. The kind we all dream about.

Lot 3: Cassi Anna 6M365. Sire: Cassis. Dam: Danielle Letsgo by Armbro Goal. Mare Foaled: 2/24/14. 16 HH. Well broke. Should make a family horse. Up on the bit.

Lot 4: Driving Horse Consigned by Junior Yoder – MO. 

Lot 5: Driving Horse Consigned by Junior Yoder – MO. 

Lot 6: Herbie’s Foxy Kate 4M804. Sire: Here Comes Herbie. Dam: We Love Kate by Muscles Yankee. Mare Foaled: 4/16/14. 15.3 HH. TSS. Buggy broke. Nice, handy mare. 

Lot 7: Driving Horse Consigned by Marvin Yoder – IA.

Lot 8: Driving Horse Consigned by David E. Gingerich – IA.

Lot 9: Driving Horse Consigned by David E. Gingerich – IA.

Lot 10: Lucky Dame 6M354. Sire: Lucky Chucky. Dam: Independent Dame by Royal Strength. Mare Foaled: 5/10/14. 16.1 HH. Clean, honest, young mare. Very sensible. Buggy broke. Kinda special!
lot-10-cover lot-10-cover-neck-small

Lot 11: Rise Up Rise Up 5KN39. Sire: Holiday Road. Dam: Dixieland Jazz by Super Pleasure. Gelding Foaled: 6/6/12. 16.2 HH. TSS. Buggy broke. Great buggy horse. Drive up and on. Record of 1:53.3, Lifetime earnings of $60,586. Fresh out of Canada. First sale!

Lot 12: Busybeingdreamy 6M209. Sire: Andover Hall. Dam: Always Dreaming by Striking Sahbra. Mare Foaled: 3/27/14. 16.2 HH. Started in the buggy. Long, stretchy kind of mare that will make you smile. Don’t miss her!

Lot 13: R U Dreaming 7M917. Sire: Yankee Valor. Dam: Fox Valley Oneida by International Chip. Gelding Foaled: 5/1/14. 16.1 HH. Buggy broke. Jason’s weekend horse. Always looking for the next town. Fancy!

Lot 14: Her Name Is 7K228. Sire: Big Stick Lindy. Dam: Dusty Lane Bambi by Mr Vic. Mare Foaled: 4/23/12. 16.1 HH. TSS. Stands good to hitch and at stop signs. Very well broke. Surrey horse deluxe! Keeps lines snug all the time. Love driving her! Papers in hand. Record of 1:58.3 $9,990.

Lot 15: Corn Hall 0M733. Sire: Amigo Hall. Dam: Unicornlane by Lindy Lane. Mare Foaled: 4/27/14. 16.1 HH. Had her in the top buggy for almost a year. TSS. 

Lot 16: Spin Bright 6LA76. Sire: Celebrity Thunder. Dam: Starbrite Starlite by Harrys Star Ranger. Gelding Foaled: 8/16/13. 16 HH. TSS. Been in the buggy for a year. Been our personal surrey horse for 11 months. Been there done that. Upheaded, willing trotter! Tough, ready for miles. 

Lot 17: The Big Year 5K488. Sire: Panspacificflight. Dam: Aristocracy by Art’s Conquest. Gelding Foaled: 2/24/12. 16+ HH. Last raced 9/17/17 with a record of P,3,1:51.0, $234,504. Been in the buggy since September. TSS. School childred have been driving him the last three weeks. All trot, has some get. 

Lot 18: Barbie. Grade Mare Foaled: 2010. Full Standardbred, all trot. 16 HH. Traffic safe. 

Lot 19: Marion’s Hotrod 5P491. Sire: Honeydont Hanover. Dam: Marion Michelle by Broadway Hall. Stallion Foaled: 3/20/16. Very well broke in the road card. 

Lot 20: Driving Horse Consigned by Owen Nisley, IA. 

Lot 21: Driving Horse Consigned by Owen Nisley, IA. 

Lot 22: Magic Stick 1MR31. Sire: Kadabra. Dam: Nellie Mae Lavec by Mr Lavec. Gelding Foaled: 6/8/14. 16.2 HH. My personal horse. Sit down, shut up and enjoy your drive! No apologies, the real deal!

Lot 23: Hanamachi As 9M842. Sire: Break The Bank K. Dam: Geisha As by Striking Sahbra. Mare Foaled: 4/30/14. 15.2 HH. TSS. Nice, rolling trot. Sharp, up in the lines. Boys horse deluxe!

Lot 24: Oaklea Tiara 7FM77. Sire: Duke Of York. Dam: Oaklea Nell by Striking Sahbra. Mare Foaled: 3/13/08. 16 HH. Broodmare prospect. Traffic safe. Very driveable. 

Lot 25: Wordtothewiz 4J7816. Sire: Wizell by Jate Lobell. Dam: Tidal Flow by Rustler Hanover. Gelding Foaled: 3/22/11. 16.1 HH. Big, stout surrey horse. 98% trot. Stands well to hitch and at stop signs. He will notice big traffic or odd things along the roadway, but is controllable. He has pulled our surrey many miles in the last three years. 2011 P,2,2:06.1H. $8,459.

Lot 26: Driving Horse Consigned by David E. Gingerich – IA. 

Lot 27: Driving Horse Consigned by David E. Gingerich – IA. 

Lot 28: Feisty Girl 9N304. Sire: Amigo Hall. Dam: Sunbury Girl by Inquirer. Mare Foaled: 4/25/15. 16 HH. Very sensible. Sharp, young mare. Started to the buggy.

Lot 29: Woodmark 7K954. Sire: Lear Jetta. Dam: Pine Queen by Giant Victory. Gelding Foaled: 3/26/12. TSS. Clean, solid built buggy horse. Family type. Record of 1:56.2, lifetime earnings of $43,943.

Lot 30: Pilates 8MN32. Sire: Federal Flex. Dam: Dell Ridge Savanna by Balanced Image. Mare Foaled: 4/10/14. Well broke mare. Fancy. Speaks for herself! 

Lot 31: Zorgwijk Sherlock 8NM76. Sire: Southwind Lustre. Dam: Got Sno Socks by Balanced Image. 2nd Dam: Dream Of Glory. Stallion Foaled: 4/28/15. Sensible, young stallion. Well broke. Drives right. Full brother with a record of 1:54.1 $277,000. 1/2 brother with a record of 1:54.3 $206,000. Serious buggy horse or race horse potential. 

Lot 32: Driving Horse Consigned by Ferd Miller – IA.

Lot 33: Driving Horse Consigned by Ferd Miller – IA.

Lot 34: Driving Horse Consigned by Ferd Miller – IA. 

Lot 35 to 46: Driving Horses Consigned by Mark Bontrager – IN. 

Lot 47: Driving Horse Consigned by David E. Gingerich – IA.

Lot 48: Driving Horse Consigned by David E. Gingerich – IA.

Lot 49: Buster. Standardbred cross Gelding Foaled: 2014. Sire: Standardbred. Dam: Driving Pony. Started in the cart. 

Lot 50: Lucy From Hebron 3HA67. Sire: Moving Forward. Dam: Dynamic Kid by Giant Hit. Mare Foaled: 4/15/10. 16.1 HH. TSS. Buggy broke. Very sensible. Drives sweet as honey! Record of 2:01.4. Lifetime earnings of $80,991.

Lot 51: 6KM56. Sire: Majestic Son. Dam: by Balanced Image. Gelding Foaled: 2012. 16 HH. Started to the buggy. Needs more miles. Tough. First sale!

Lot 52: Fox Valley Uproar 1N134. Sire: Powerful Emotion. Dam: Hallie Rose by Sir Taurus. Stallion Foaled: 4/22/15. One powerful driver. 

Lot 53: Cobra King 1M007. Sire: Dejarmbro. Dam: Dari Blue Chip by Self Possessed. Gelding Foaled: 4/13/14. 16.3 HH. Surrey and family horse deluxe. Steady, mile eating powerhouse.

Lot 54: Driving Horse Consigned by Hershberger Brothers – IA. 

Lot 55: Driving Horse Consigned by Junior Yoder – MO.

Lot 56: Driving Horse Consigned by Junior Yoder – MO. 

Lot 57: Benny. Sire: Cruiser Star. Dam: Standardbred. Gelding Foaled: June 2015. Just started. 

Lot 58: Driving Horse Consigned by Marvin Yoder – IA.

Lot 59, 60 & 61: Driving Horse Consigned by Bennie Schrock – IL.

Lot 62: 3/4 Standardbred 1/4 Dutch Mare Foaled: 2016. Sire: Sierra Kosmos. 

Lot 63: Driving Horse Consigned by Daniel D. Borntrager – IA.

Lot 64: Incredible Lucille 3GN50. Sire: Majestic Son. Dam: Incredible Fortuna by Credit Winner. Mare Foaled: 2/17/09. 

Lot 65: Mickey Moose 6L450. Sire: Triumphant Caviar. Dam: Chippednstrawberry by Chip Chip Hooray. Gelding Foaled: 4/4/13. Boys Horse. Two Year Old record of 1:57.3, with $70,000.

Lot 66: D P Sleepy Head 9P654. Sire: All In Tad. Dam: Celebrity Dee by Meadowbranch Mike. Filly Foaled: 5/28/16. Very talented, young coming two year old. A promising filly with presence, pedigree and potential to become the next knock out. Out of a Conway Hall son!

Lot 67: Kadenza Mo 8HL08. Sire: Kadabra. Dam: Armbro Debbie by San Pellegrino. Mare Foaled: 3/27/10. 16.2 HH. Selling as a broodmare. Sells with a free breeding to Mucho Bueno. 

Lot 68: Speedy Princess 8M196. Sire: Prayer I Am. Dam: Ms Speedy by Speedy Big Boy. Mare Foaled: 3/14/14. 15.3 HH. On the bit driver. Tough, ready for miles. 

Lot 69: Ellindale Scotfree 5FR29. Sire: Southview Matt. Dam: Ellindale Lindsay by Stargaze Hanover. Gelding Foaled: 4/17/08. 16 HH. Clean, solid built buggy horse. 

Lot 70 to 75: Driving Horse Consigned by Roy N. Miller – OH. 

Lot 76: Westgate Amy 6H437. Sire: Don Boss Vita. Dam: Wesgate Lady by Westgate Crown. Mare Foaled: 4/7/10. A small mare that drives with tight lines.

Lot 77: Bye Bye Boca 9L345. Sire: Andover Hall. Dam: Double Ivory by Dream Vacation. Gelding Foaled: 4/8/13. 16.1 HH. Surrey gelding that speaks for himself. A blast to sit behind! Been in the buggy.

Lot 78: Carmen Falls 8M787. Sire: High Falls. Dam: Carmen Hall by Conway Hall. Mare Foaled: 4/4/14. 15.3 HH. Small mare that drives. Very upheaded. Been in the buggy 8 months. Boys horse deluxe. TSS.

Lot 79: Frank. Grade Standardbred Gelding Foaled: 2010. 16.2 HH. Traffic safe. Has been used by a school teacher all winter. Needs an experienced driver. 

Lot 80: Driving Horse Consigned by Hershberger Brothers – IA.

Lot 81: Driving Horse Consigned by Hershberger Brothers – IA.

Lot 82: Amiga 9N328. Sire: Amigo Hall. Dam: Penny Master by Master Lavec. Mare Foaled: 3/12/15. 15.3 HH. TSS. Chunky mare that speaks for herself. 

Lot 83: Gold Run 8M193. Sire: Claudius Augustus. Dam: Charlotte’s Webb by Website. Gelding Foaled: 4/30/14. 16.1 HH. TSS. Surrey horse deluxe. One serious driver. 

Lot 84: Twinkle. Sire: Lindy Lane. 2nd Sire: Grandson of Speedy Crown. Mare Foaled: 2011. Grade Trottingbred Standardbred. 15.2 HH. Traffic safe. Stands good. Home Raised. Raises super good colts. Hot. 

Lot 85: Driving Horse Consigned by Howard Yoder – IA. 

Lot 86 to 91: Driving Horse Consigned by Roy N. Miller – OH. 

Uncataloged Horses Starting at Lot 92