Sheep, Goats & Hogs


Weekly Sheep & Goat Sale
Wednesday, October 18th:

Early Consignment:

37 Boer Does. Yearlings to 2 years old, mostly 2 years old. Exposed to a Purebred Boer Buck since September 1st. Does are Purebred, selling Commercial – No Papers. 

2 Boer Bucks. 2 Years Old. Purebred, selling Commercial – No Papers.
goats-1 goats-2 goats-3 goats-4 goats-5 

Sheep, goat and hog sales are held every Wednesday starting with sheep at 9:00 AM followed by goats then hogs.

Special Goat Replacement sales as announced.

Livestock may be unloaded on Wednesday starting at 6:00 AM.

All sheep & goats must be tagged with a federal Scrapie ID tag. Tagging may be done at the sale barn for a $3.00 per head charge.

Produce, baked goods, egg, poultry, small animal, bottle baby and consignment sale every Wednesday in the West ring following the Sheep & Goat Sale. Small animals must be in a sturdy cage with a solid bottom. No cardboard boxes will be accepted. Pullorum testing available at $1.00 per bird.

To Consign your livestock give us a call!

Sales Barn: 319-656-2222
Devin Mullet: 319-936-0675